Biomachina Sponsored Contributions

Listed are independent contibutions from our members that were sponsored in part by grants to Willy Wriggers.

Publications (for publications co-authored by Willy Wriggers click here)

  1. Manuel Wahle and Stefan Birmanns. GPU-Accelerated Visualization of Protein Dynamics in Ribbon Mode. SPIE Proceedings Vol. 7868, Visualization and Data Analysis (2011), Pak Chung Wong; Jinah Park; Ming C. Hao; Chaomei Chen; Katy Börner; David L. Kao; Jonathan C. Roberts, Editors. [Article-PDF]
  2. Mirabela Rusu and Stefan Birmanns. Evolutionary Tabu Search Strategies for the Simultaneous Registration of Multiple Atomic Structures in Cryo-EM Reconstructions. J. Struct. Biol., Vol. 170, pp. 164-171, 2010. [Article-PDF]
  3. Jochen Heyd and Stefan Birmanns. Immersive Structural Biology: A New Approach to Hybrid Modeling of Macromolecular Assemblies. Virtual Reality, Vol: 13, pp. 245 - 255, July 2009. [Article-PDF]
  4. Jochen Heyd and Stefan Birmanns. Beyond the Black Box: Interactive Global Docking of Protein Complexes. Microscopy Today, Vol: 16 # 4, July 2008. [Article-PDF]

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